North & Eight

In the midst of a breakfast menu smack down, all the Melbourne heavyweights are going in for the ultimate prize.
Breaking into the breakfast battle, North & Eight brings a different sort of flair to the match.
Set in a part of town that badly needed something contemporary and fun, the decor is smart and linear.
The menu is made up of two components; Good Stuff. Bad Stuff.
Good; chia porridge and protein balls and quinoa salad. Bad; french toast, fried chicken and milkshakes.


  • Superfood breakfast greens and poached egg, rare kale, quinoa, chia, activated almonds, peptides, avocado, pomegranate, citrus vinaigrette for $16.5 +salmon for $5.5
  • Korean fried chicken open waffle maple & Sriracha mayo, maple, leaves, daikon, slaw for $14 +bacon for $5 or +polenta chips for $4
  • Sticky caramel pork belly and pickled vegetable salad, asian leaves, fried shallots, mint, smashed peanuts and pomegranate dressing for $16
  • Creme brûlée French toast orange blossom syrup, crème patisserie, berries, rhubarb compote for $16 +bacon for $5


  • House blend coffee
  • Northella houseshake mega choc-hazelnut milkshake topped with Nutella-stuffed doughnut for $7.5

Who is there?

In a great spot—on the corner of Buckley and Beaver Street—and the fact that everyone knows everyone, the Essendon/Moone Ponds/Ascotvale Vale/Aberfeldie region.

Should you return?

I know breakfast is important but North & Eight makes eating it a statement. And when 2XU wearers are heard saying, “I just did crossfit training so can I please get the chia porridge?” I know I’m in for a healthy treat. Would I return? Yes. 


  • 285-287 Buckley Street, Aberfeldie
  • 9331 3858
  • Cuisine: Trending contemporary/cafe
  • Prices: $7-$19.5
  • Opening Hours: Monday-Friday, 6.30am-5pm; Saturday-Sunday 7am-4pm

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