Hu Tong

Our dumplings never last long!

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Small, juicy, hot, fat, round… Ok I’ll stop.
Yes I’m talking about dumplings, in particular those served at Hu Tong.

Set down Market Lane, Hu Tong dumpling bar dishes out delicious morsels nearly all hours of the day.
Unlike its sister restaurant in Windsor where it’s all about the Peking duck, the CBD eatery likes to keep things simple. And the squirty, soup-filled specialty dumplings keep diners coming back for more
The gallery-style kitchen lets patrons see chefs preparing the dumpling dough that they then steam/deep-fry or pan fry, plating to precision and taken to tables—that are too small—stocked with the an array of sauces.
Hu Tong dumpling bar serves up Shanghainese-style food. Originating from eastern China, the traditionally small dishes are designed to share.



  • Wontons with hot chilli sauce 8 pieces for $10.8
  • Boiled pork dumplings 6+pieces from $8


  • Shanghai style jellyfish and shredded turnip for $10.8


  • Braised shark fin soup with crab meat for $10


  • Dong Po Square Style Pork (Hangzhou) for $8.8


  • State dumplings and braised beef brisket in claypot (Shanghai) for $24


  • Stir fired Shanghai bok choy with mushroom for $15.8


  • Egg custard buns 3 pieces for $7.5



Who is there?

The CBD venue is always busy, so booking is advised. Seated in this multi-level complex, patrons vary from couples, first daters, families, business associate and dumpling lovers unanimous.

Should you bother?

A high-turnover restaurant, Hu Tong delivers good quality Shanghainese food at their tiny tables. Moving between friends to something more—not Jason—my companion/date and I—no longer stuck in this stage—decided Hu Tong the place to be. Off to a great start, I the ever-so embarrassing woman I am, took a very unattractive bite of my soup-filled dumpling. Squirting soup everywhere… Thank goodness they were delicious, I’ll most likely go back.


  • 4-16 Market Ln, Melbourne CBD
  • 9650 8128
  • Cuisine: Asian/Shanghainese
  • Prices: Appetizers from $7.50; soup from $6; Meat from $23.8; Claypots from $16.8; Vegetables from $15.8; Desserts from $7.50
  • Opening Hours: Sunday-Thursday, 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-10.30pm; Friday and Saturday, 11.30am-3pm, 5.30pm-11pm

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