Claypots St Kilda

Beneath the vines where tiny boats hang amongst pink flowers, ravenous seafood lovers feast.

The outdoor courtyard has a Thailand cafe vibe, with its sand-coloured brick walls and pebble flooring, its in the front dining room that fish mongers converge.
The counter is layered with fish, ranging from garfish, flathead to trevally to red emperor and even golden snapper, there’s enough to feed an army.
There’s also a bar and the space for live music.

Fresh and delicious, seafood is dished up in abundance. Mussels, oysters, flathead, garlic prawns, sticky rice, grilled snapper, chilli crabs, lemon drenched wilted greens and of course, the restaurant’s steaming namesake; claypots are all readily available.



  • Crispy skin John Dory for $30
  • Flounder with gremolata crust for $30
  • Seafood marinara for $25


  • Moroccan, couscous, tomato, eggplant, Harissa, zataar, chickpeas, mussels, fish fillet for $20


  • Konrad Sauvignon blanc for $12/per glass
  • Vinkara Kalecik karasi for $14/per glass

Who is there?

Not taking reservations, Melbourne’s seafood lovers put their name on the door list.

Should you bother?

Choosing Claypots for my 21st birthday luncheon I was not disappointed. Dining alfresco and joined by best friends, the warm weather and good company made for an exceptional experience. The service was the only downside—we dubbed out waiter the ‘grouchy grandma’. All in all, I wish i visited Claypots sooner. Yes, I will be back.



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