Left Bank Melbourne - On the touristy side of the Yarra sits this great function venue.
Punch Lane - Its got that cigar/whiskey kind of vibe.
Degraves Espresso - Down on Degraves Street.
Hooks at the Yarra South Wharf - At the foot of the Webb bridge.
Amigos - Cheap Mexican at its best.
Vons Restaurant & Bar - Simple but wholesome
Affogato Espresso Bar - Great for brunch.
Laneway Greens - On-trend salad bar.
Higher Ground - Don't strain your neck.
Hu Tong - Good quality Shanghainese food in the CBD.
Riverland Bar - Oddly hidden away from the nearby hub of Federation Square, when Riverland Bar opened it was used as city refuge. Separated from competitors, it’s nestled in Federation Wharf on the Yarra bank. Nowadays Riverland Bar draws a bigger crowd yet still managing to hide-away with its elusive site. Descending the bluestone steps right before the Princes […]
Grossi Florentino - I love this part #pane #naturalfermentation #homebaked #italian #fresco A post shared by Guy Grossi (@guygrossi) on Apr 21, 2017 at 5:13pm PDT   A grand addition to Melbourne’s dining scene, Grossi Florentino is one of few restaurants that retains chivalrous, fine dining—with doormen, coat checks and napkin folders. Established in 1928, the restaurant was renovated by Mills Gorman architects in early 2013. […]
Tipo 00 - Tipo 00 is where the city's fiercest eaters choose.
Empress of China - A Chinatown hot spot.
Hash Specialty Coffee & Roaster - Slurping down one hot, chocolatey beverage at a time.
Rice Paper Scissors - Shall we play Rock, Paper, Scissors whilst we wait?
The Grain Store - When you're looking for me on the west side of the CBD, The Grain Store is where I'll be.
The Meatball & Wine Bar - Spaghetti and meatballs. Need I say more?
Terra Rossa Restaurant & Bar - Eccentric Italian.
Hardware Société - There's more to Hardware Lane across the road.
Operator 25 - Stay on the line.
Sakura Kaiten Sushi - Sushi trains are never boring.
Trunk Bar and Restaurant - Featuring a 150 year old tree.
MoVida - Absolutamente delicioso.

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