Gone - As soon as Margaret met Hadi at a Valentine's Day party in Libya she was entranced. Handsome and sophisticated, he swept her off her feet. Marrying, the couple live in Spain where the fairytale seemingly continues...
A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy - On April 20, 1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold walked into Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado and killed 13 people and wounded 24 others before taking their own lives. Mother Sue Klebold has lived with the grief and shame of that day. Questioning how her child, the promising young man she had loved and raised, could be responsible for such horror? And how, as his mother, she hadn't noticed anything wrong? But the biggest question; did she miss the signs? Was there anything she could have done differently?
Fun Home - Alison Bechdel's comic/memoir traces the intertwined threads of her life; their father-daughter relationship, her homosexuality, her father's closeted homosexuality and his death.
A Long Way Home - Similar to many poverty-stricken children in rural India, four-year-old Saroo Brierley lives with his single mother, two older brothers and his younger sister. He cannot read, doesn't know the name of his hometown and constantly hungry. Joining his brother—the family provider—the two go scrounging for food. Being told to wait at the station, young Saroo falls asleep, awaking to find he's alone. Thinking his brother may be on the train, Saroo hops aboard. But he's not there...
Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman - A compilation of her experiences—living in the public eye and weightless struggle—its part memoir and part cultural analysis. Each essay takes discusses various aspects of her life—her lack of fat female role models, to peeing her pants in third grade, to period shame, to her abortion, to once failing to fit in a seat on an airplane.
Cellar Girl - Josefina Rivera's autobiography recounts her survival after being kidnapped by a notorious serial rapist and killer in 1980s Philadelphia. 
Last Woman Hanged - Winner of the 2015 Davitt Award for Best Crime Book (Non-fiction), Caroline Overington's Last Woman Hanged, delves into the archives; re-examining the original, forensic reports, court documents, judges notebooks, witness statements and police and jail records, to tell the true story of last woman hanged in Australia.
Pablo Escobar: My Father - For the first time Juan Pablo Escobar—son of the notorious Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar—details the life of his father. This is not a story from a child seeking his father's redemption, instead it's a shocking look at the consequences of violence and the need for peace and forgiveness.
Down The Rabbit Hole - Playboy Bunny and former No. 1 girlfriend Holy Madison details her years inside the Playboy Mansion. Describing what started out as a fairy-tale—partying with celebrities—she unveils secrets, mansion rules and the bunnies sex routine. This is Holly's story.
Seriously…I’m Kidding - "I've experienced a whole lot the last few years and I have a lot to share. So I hope that you'll take a moment to sit back, relax and enjoy the words I've put together for you in this book. I think you'll find I've left no stone unturned, no door unopened, no window unbroken, no rug unvacuumed, no ivories untickled. What I'm saying is, let us begin, shall we?"
Grinding It Out - Few entrepreneurs can claim to have actually changed the way we live, Ray Kroc is one of few. Not your typical self-made tycoon, Ray Kroc was 52 when he met the McDonald brothers and opened his first franchise. His revolutions in food service automation, franchising, shared national training and advertising earned him a place beside the most powerful. This is Ray Kroc's story.
Beyond the Vapour Trail - Australian aid worker Brett Pierce's autobiography regales his experiences with rebel armies, child soldiers and poverty-stricken children. Retelling his career working with some of the poorest communities around the world, Beyond the Vapour Trail highlights the good, bad and in some cases, the confronting truths of life as an aid worker.
Don’t Tell the Chief - Shane Chartres-Abbott was gunned down while standing trial for rape, prompting a secret murder investigation. An investigation that eventually led to the end of some of Australia's most senior and experienced police officers.
Persepolis - This is a humorous but haunting memoir of a Marjane Satrapi’s life growing up in Iran during the Islamic Revolution. Complied in a black-and-white comic strip images, Satrapi tells the story of her life in Tehran from ages six to 14, in which she saw the overthrow of the Shah’s regime, the triumph of the Islamic Revolution and the devastating effects of war with Iraq.
Man at the Helm - Comic writing can sometimes be undervalued but British writer Nina Stibbe's buoyantly pleasurable first novel, Man at the Helm, needs to be taken seriously. Nina Stibbe's writing career began in her 20s and her hilarious semi-autobiographical tale is about the horrors of being an attractive divorcee living in an English village in the 1970s.
Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery - Robert Kolker recounts the search for a serial killer still at large on Long Island.
I Am Malala - Malala Yousafzai's fearless memoir, is the remarkable story of a family uprooted by terrorism and a young girl's fight for education.
Naked in Public - Bella Vendramini’s second autobiography Naked in Public, is her story of returning to New York, rekindling love with her wealthy, charming and alcoholic business mogul James and her life as a married woman.
This House of Grief - Living the Australian dream, hard-working Rob builds his and his young family's ideal place in country Victorian. However the happily ever-after is soon shattered, when his wife decides to leave him.
The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls did it! She's proves that personal resilience and by seeking redemption, bad parenting and abject poverty, doesn't necessarily condemn children to dismals future.
Joe Cinque’s Consolation, A True Story of Death, Grief and the Law - Joe Cinque died from an overdose of Rohypnol and heroin, and his girlfriend Anu Singh is the key suspect.
Too Close to Home - Moving to Wales, Jenna and Jack and their eldest child, 15 year-old daughter Paige Moore, are looking to make a fresh start.
Summer at Little Beach Street Bakery #2 - Living in a lighthouse in the Cornish town, Mount Polbearne, Polly Waterford falls in love and owns a bakery.
The Warmth of Other Suns: The Epic Story of America’s Great Migration - Pulitzer Prize winner Isabel Wilkerson chronicles one of the greatest untold stories of American history—the migration of black citizens who fled the south for northern and western American cities, searching for a better life.
Saving Safa - Somali nomad, international supermodel and anti-FGM activist, Waris Dirie does it again. Producing an emotionally gut-wrenching biography based on the horrendous acts of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

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